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Embroidery Options

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Basic Satin Stitch
Satin stitch embroidery is the main method of embroidery here at GH apparel. After your logo or emblem is digitized, it is put into our Amaya Embroidery Machine and created using the necessary stitch count. Your final product is left with a soft and satin-like feel!

Appliqué is an easy way to personalize any garment. It creates a larger, layered appearance that can't be obtained with basic embroidery techniques. Appliqué is a perfect option for adding names or numbers to uniforms in a professional manner.

3D Embroidery
Adding a 3D-effect to your piece can significantly approve its aesthetic, but aren't meant for overly detailed designs. By layering threads and/or using a foam material under the threads, your design literally rise off of the material, giving it a thicker feel and a very three dimensional look.