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M & R Diamondback Textile Printer

M & R Textile Presses are simply the finest in the world and that's what our customers deserve! This press is designed to screen print large quantity runs with many colors. Let's get your next order printing on this machine!

Brother Direct-to-Garment Printer

The Brother GT-541 delivers FULL color imprinting utilizing ink jet technology that prints on a variety of garments directly from a computer. This printer can be networked with multiple units, to deliver great print quality and still remain cost effective for short-run or large-run apparel graphics applications.

Amaya Multihead Embroidery Machines

Operating six individual Amaya units, when one thread breaks, the other machines continue, allowing for smooth operation and great effciency. The machines also boast the largest cap sewing field in the industry and operate with up to sixteen different threads at one time.

Traditional Screen Printing

We still utilize the traditional hand-done screen printing process on many our orders. Our standard equipment works excellent for short or large runs up to 6 colors!